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A register booster fan is designed to fit into your vent and efficiently extract the cool air that remains in your ducts even when the main system is turned off. By harnessing this residual cool air and delivering it to the room, the fan helps maintain a more consistent and comfortable environment. This ensures that the cool air doesn't go to waste and contributes to optimizing the airflow in your home.

AIRBRICK can be considered as a smart vent solution that enhances airflow and comfort in your home. With its intelligent thermostat control, it provides precise temperature management by automatically activating the fans when the airflow temperature reaches the desired levels. This innovative feature ensures efficient heating and cooling while saving energy and not waste the air in your vent.

The AIRBRICK register booster fan is used by inserting it into the wall or floor register
to boost the airflow and let more cooled or heated air in.

AIRBRICK register booster fan doesn’t have a filter.

Yes, the AIRBRICK remote control can be used to operate all units (one-by-one)
installed in different rooms.


Yes, the screen can be dimmed to the lowest brightness level 1 or turned off completely (level 0). To turn the screen on - press any button on the device or remote to get back to brightness level 3.

The triggers cannot be disabled, but you can adjust the triggering threshold to
increase or decrease the sensitivity of the trigger. For instance, if the AIRBRICK is
heat-triggered at 85F degrees on a hot summer day and blows hot air in, instead of
waiting for the cooled AC flow, you can increase the heating trigger to 100 degrees to
prevent unwanted heat.

No. The temperature displayed on the screen represents the current temperature in
the duct behind the booster fan. The reading is obtained from the back wall sensor of
the AIRBRICK register booster fan.